Visit Our StoreVisit Our Store. The boysenberry retail shop is located in downtown Rochester, Vermont, in the center of the state on VT Route 100. We are a town of a little over 1,100 residents with a K-12 school. It’s a very special & beautiful place, if you’d like to come visit there are a multitude of outdoor recreation choices year round. Directions.

If you come to visit the store there a lots of things to do here: the Green Mountain National Forest surrounds us. The White River flows all around us. We have several Restaurants and Inns, a gallery, bookstore, and bike shop. If you are thinking about a visit check out these sites for things to do and places to stay: I DIG VT, Rochester Town Website, LinkVermont and Vermont Vacations

My husband grew up in Vermont and, as so many did then and do now, he fled as soon as he finished high school. The funny thing is, many people come back, especially when they have children, and that’s how I ended up here. Although there are not as many opportunities for our two girls as there would be in a large community, there are also very few problems: low crime, no “Mean Girls” problems and a fist fight at school is a shocking event. We have clean air and water, no traffic jams, a sense of community, good friends, truly the simple life in a lot of ways.

We invite you to visit boysenberry on your next trip through central Vermont.