Recycled fleece and Ira

Summer is over, the kids are back in school and it’s time for me to get cracking on new fleece for fall. I’m off to a good start with my new friend Ira. He was born on Bastille day a few weeks ago and his lovely Mum Siobhan has agreed to let us borrow him to model: and a what wonderful model he is! At Ira’s first photo shoot we took over 500 pictures and he was a smiling trooper though it all. He squiggled and cooed, looked right into the camera and snuggled into a few fleece outfits.

He especially loved our new recycled fleece elf bunting, his favorite being the Apple Green & Purple.
I am so excited to have found some  Polartec® fabrics made with fibers using recycling plastic bottles, mostly milk bottles I’m told. This fantastic fabric is the same quality that Polartec® is so well known for. I’m going crazy making up Buntings, Jackets & Pants, and more with these beautiful new colors. Ira & I will be keeping you posted on all the new frocks I’ll be making and his Mum tells me he has opinions about everything: he may just be our new fashion Guru.
Peace, Beth

My Start with Polartec®

I started sewing with fleece when I moved to the Northeast and started my company, boysenberry. It was simply a demand from my customers to make polar fleece clothing for them. At the time company consisted of a small line of infant clothing and my first fleece was what I now think of as the “bring baby home from the hospital” bunting which has consistently been a best seller for me. It’s a simple to make baby bag  that I have developed and changed over the years to accommodate car seats and safety issues that cropped up. I found a wholesale/retail source at Mill Direct Textiles if you are looking to purchase Polartec® fabrics in small to medium quantities they have a decent selection and excellent customer service.

Over the years I have been discovering, and Polartec® has been developing, lots new fabrics. The 200 weight basic fabric and prints are a joy to work with and of a quality that I has not yet been reproduced by others. Being a small Vermont manufacturer struggling to compete with cheap imports, I always like to emphasize the fact that these fabrics arw made in the USA.