Navy Knit Skirt: Organic Cotton and Soy Fiber

First, I am in love with this fabric this skirt is made with: It is a blend of organic cotton & soy fiber with a little spandex, a T-shirt weight Jersey knit. It has a beautiful drape and I’ve found it in some great colors, a heathered navy being today’s color. Basically this is a 1/2 circle skirt with a flat elastic waistband and a gross grain drawstring, is fitted from waist to hip and falls very elegantly from hip to hem. (Available at  

Sometimes my best designs I come out of ideas I get doing special orders for customers. I have a customer who has a lot of sensitivities to fabric and who has found she has no problems with this soy/cotton fabric. She has multiples of everything I’ve designed in this fabric and she asked me to duplicate a skirt that she loved using the soy fabric. I made her up a skirt and she went away happy with the parting words, “I’d love one in Navy too”.

Later, when I ordered Navy for another special order, I started thinking about that skirt again: what I didn’t like about the original and what I could do to make it better…basically b frocked it…so I made a few changes, simplified a bit and made up another one that was close to the one you see here.

I couldn’t decide whether to add it to the line or not but the other day Skirt Lady came into the store to shop. I got the skirt out of the pile of not ready for prime time samples and show it to her. She didn’t even want to talk about it, she didn’t even try it on, she just wanted to buy it, which I of course let her do. I did get a bunch of input from her that about why she loves this skirt so much, and tweaked it a little more, for  the now Skirt #3, ready for prime time.

Here’s what she told me: the combo elastic and drawstring, (in this case it’s actually gross-grain ribbon), give it a versatility that she finds invaluable. She can have fat & skinny days, pull it up to her waist or down to her hips and tie it so it stays at either place. This not only allows for different levels of comfort it also can be used to alter the length of the skirt, depending on mood, shoes, shirt length, occasion, etc. This woman travels a lot and another things she loves about this skirt, and the soy fabric in general, is that if folds up very compactly for packing, the wrinkles fall out without ironing AND, if they need to be hand washed, they are dry in the morning.

OK, so I’m not making this up, she really said all that.

Like I said, I really love this fabric.

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  1. Siobhan

    Baby Ira brought me a top made out of this material for mothers day, hes got such great taste! I wore it to work today its wonderful. I think I might have to get a skirt too. I think you should make summer outfits in baby Ira size so we can match. Its super comfortable and so would make great baby stuff. You could perhaps make little onsies with shorts on the bottom…Thanks again Beth for another fantastic invention for my wardrobe!

  2. Jo Mama

    Hey. All this makes we want a whole wordrobe in this amazing fabric! Way-ta-go Beth!!!!

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