Get Up Stand Up: Organic cotton skirt

Organic Cotton Skirt: Navy Print

Listen while you read: Get Up Stand Up: Bob Marley

100_2802I’m somewhat of an impulse buyer

I’d been looking for prints to make organic cotton skirts for the summer and I bought this cotton knit print sight unseen because the sales person told me it had the word UPRISE incorporated into the print. I don’t know why, (well honestly, I do know why, just listen to the song…Get Up Stand Up), but I really liked the idea of a word on fabric. I was looking forward to adding a new organic cotton skirt or two to my line & wardrobe. I wore the much-loved Leaf Print Skirt so much last summer and I am ready for a new organic cotton skirt. When The fabric it arrived along with a large order I was thrilled with my impulse. There were only a few yards left to purchase and I snatched them all up. This is a beautiful white print on the dark navy fabric: a soft very flowing light weight organic cotton knit with a little spandex.

navy uprise skirtI only had a small amount of yardage to work

Since I such a small amount of yardage to work with I spent extra time getting it all laid up in the most efficient way in order to get the most out the small cut. While I was being so efficient I didn’t take into account that words are usually up-side-up. Later when I sat down to sew I realized that some of the Uprise were up-side-down. This made me think that the upside-down word might be RiseUp, worked for me. This whole process was going on inside my head along with the Bob Marley song, (from the Uprising album which I put on while I sewed). So with Bob & the Wailers blaring, I was really liking this little project.

And it still is making me feel so happy. As The Cat in the Hat once said, “It’s fun to have fun but you have to know how”.

Peace, Beth

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