She’s Got a Ticket to Ride

She’s Got a Ticket to Ride

As I was looking around to find a song about change I realized this change is more a departure then a change. She’s got a ticket to ride wherever she wants to go. Listen while you read:


Closing to Store

After the worse winter holiday season I’ve had in the store and the fact that last year was not much better, I made the decision in January to close the storefront. At first I was so sad about this that I couldn’t even say it out loud. It seemed like such a huge fail, which in a sense it is, but when I began to tell people and they started telling me what they thought I should do, which I hate,  it made me kind of dig my heals in and begin the feel convicted to the idea.

I waffled for the next few weeks about when to close the store and in the end felt I needed to get on the other side of real winter which in Vermont means May. Once I gave my notice to the landlord I felt a lightening in my heart and knew I had made the right decision.

Hoeing Out

I’ve been in this space for a few years and I have collecting a surprising amount of stuff. I spent a couple of days ruthlessly throwing away bags of fabric scraps and all the little bits of this and that I must have thought I would use someday, (do I really need to save 2 inch pieces of zippers that I trimmed off to make them the right length, um no). There was only so much I could actually place in the dumpster. I still have bags and bags of fabric scraps that I just can’t how away, I’m trying to find new homes for them but so far, no luck on that.

She’s Got a Ticket to Ride

She's got a Ticket to ride:IraI want to continue with my design and sewing but now for something completely different. I honestly don’t know exactly what I’m going to do yet. We are going to reconfigure our home so I can set up to work there and plan to keep the website very active. I’m just going to close my eyes to failure, open my heart, and see what comes in.

This girl is on a new journey, wish me the best.

Peace, Beth



Winter Hats: We are family.

The Story behind my women’s fleece winter hats

I think of these fleece winter hats as the seven siblings hats.  I’ve been making versions of this hat for several years and the style never seems to get stale for me or my customers.

As always, I like you to listen while you read: Sister Sledge – We Are Family)

The Frock kids, six sisters and one brother

We were gaggle of  7 kids who travelled in a world so different than today: no car seats, bike helmets, barefoot all summer, playing outside at all hours with no adult supervision. We’d put a blanket out in the backyard and be ship wrecked all afternoon or play kick ball on the road, and spent years getting ready to perform a broadway show, singing along with the album, but never actually launched a production.

After many mutations

Winter Hat Blue fleece with black inner brimthis hat now begins with 7 squares, a circle and a couple of wide strips to form the two color brim. When the brim is rolled up it shows just a little of the under brim color like piping. As always with my fleece I use only polartec the best quality I have found and made in the USA. Making these hats satisfies some of my need to work with color and different color and texture combinations. I always cut a few of these whenever I get a new fabric. Sometimes when I’m sewing these I ask myself why….it takes a lot longer to cut and sew seven pieces then it would if I made them from a single piece one then I remember why and happily make more.


These winter hats are a tribute to those childhood years

Even though we are all grown up now with smaller gaggles of our own I still often remember those crazy childhood days. They are like an island of the best memories that hold a golden star in my heart that shines brightly through all my days.

Flock of hats


Hats off to you!

Ann, Carol, Scott, Laura, Kristin, Clare



Peace, Beth


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Five Years Time: So What the Heck

Noah & the Whale: Five Years Time

I love this song…that’s all.

Noah and the Whale Five Years Time

“5 Years Time”

Oh well in five years time we could be walking round a zoo

With the sun shining down over me and you
And there’ll be love in the bodies of the elephants too
And I’ll put my hands over your eyes, but you’ll peep throughAnd there’ll be sun sun sun all over our bodies
And sun sun sun all down our necks
And sun sun sun all over our faces
And sun sun sun -so what the heck!Cos I’ll be laughing at all your silly little jokes
And we’ll be laughing about how we used to smoke
All those stupid little cigarettes and drink stupid wine
Cos it’s what we needed to have a good timeAnd it was fun fun fun when we were drinking
It was fun fun fun when we were drunk
And it was fun fun fun when we were laughing
It was fun fun fun, oh it was funOh well I look at you and say
It’s the happiest that I’ve ever been
And I’ll say I no longer feel I have to be James Dean
And she’ll say
“Yah well I feel all pretty happy too”
And I’m always pretty happy when I’m just kicking back with youAnd it’ll be love love love all through our bodies
And love love love all through our minds
And it be Love love love all over her face
And Love love love all over mineAlthough maybe all these moments are just in my head
I’ll be thinking ‘bout them as I’m lying in bed
And all that I believe, it might not even come true
But in my mind I’m havin’ a pretty good time with youIn five years time I might not know you
In five years time we might not speak
In five years time we might not get along
In five years time you might just prove me wrong
Oh there’ll be love love love
Wherever you go
There’ll be love