Fleece pants: Five Ways

My Mom calls my fleece pants Hot Pants

She says she is cold blooded and they are a big help in keeping her warm. She’s kind of my tester. I send her a new style whenever I come up with one.

I thought this song would be appropriate to this post: Please listen while you read.


All five styles listed below are made with the same warm and very cozy fleece: Polartec® Power Stretch®.

It has Lycra which provides four-way stretch and makes an especially comfortable fit. It is also treated to wick moisture away from the body and adds nylon on the jersey face for additional durability while the velour back feels very soft next to skin.

Fleece leggings

These are a simple style, with a slightly gathered elastic waist for a smooth, very comNavy Fleece Leggingsfortable and sleek fit. I love these  pants the most & live in them during the spring, fall and all winter long, wearing them as both tights and leggings. People who work out doors in the winter wear these fleece leggings as long underwear, (roofers  and the ski patrol swear by them). My Mom sells them everywhere she goes, my 5 sisters all have at least one pair.

 Women’s Fleece Pants

Fleece pants Yoga GreyMy yoga inspired pants are a little dressier look with no elastic in the waist. Instead I use the fleece fabric as a separate waistband. I made uncounted samples until I was satisfied with the width and length to get just the right fit and feel. The waistband can be worn two ways: left flat to sit higher on the waist or can be folded down to lower rise. These pants are fitted through hips and thighs and bootcut for a slight flair from knee to hem.

Polartec Fleece Pants with Pockets

fleece pants yoga with pocketsI’ve had many requests to add pockets to all my pants. I’ve added them to the yoga boot cut style as well as creating a version that are cut like the leggings. Two set-in side pockets lay flat, don’t create a bunch of bulk and stretch with the pants. The pair pictured here are the same cut as the yoga inspired above: fitted through hips and thighs with boot-cut legs



Pegged Fleece Pants with pockets

fleece pants: leggings with pocketsI had a customer special order this style as she preferred the smaller hem opening. I didn’t think it was going to work but when she came and tried them on they looked fabulous on her! So I’m adding these to my line as well. They have the same self waistband as the yoga pants but are pegged at the ankle like the leggings.

Last but not least: Tights!

Fleece tightsI’ve been trying to make leggings for my two teenage daughters that they will wear. We have bought them from several other venders over the years but they always look like crap after 2 or three washings and don’t hold up in general. I think these are tights because, well they are skin tight, but that’s the fit they were looking for. They are very tight fitting, a lower rise  and narrower waistband then the yoga style fleece pants. I made 8 pairs the other day and posted about on my Facebook page and sold them all. (Well,honestly, 4 pairs went to the girls)


Winter Hats: We are family.

The Story behind my women’s fleece winter hats

I think of these fleece winter hats as the seven siblings hats.  I’ve been making versions of this hat for several years and the style never seems to get stale for me or my customers.

As always, I like you to listen while you read: Sister Sledge – We Are Family)

The Frock kids, six sisters and one brother

We were gaggle of  7 kids who travelled in a world so different than today: no car seats, bike helmets, barefoot all summer, playing outside at all hours with no adult supervision. We’d put a blanket out in the backyard and be ship wrecked all afternoon or play kick ball on the road, and spent years getting ready to perform a broadway show, singing along with the album, but never actually launched a production.

After many mutations

Winter Hat Blue fleece with black inner brimthis hat now begins with 7 squares, a circle and a couple of wide strips to form the two color brim. When the brim is rolled up it shows just a little of the under brim color like piping. As always with my fleece I use only polartec the best quality I have found and made in the USA. Making these hats satisfies some of my need to work with color and different color and texture combinations. I always cut a few of these whenever I get a new fabric. Sometimes when I’m sewing these I ask myself why….it takes a lot longer to cut and sew seven pieces then it would if I made them from a single piece one then I remember why and happily make more.


These winter hats are a tribute to those childhood years

Even though we are all grown up now with smaller gaggles of our own I still often remember those crazy childhood days. They are like an island of the best memories that hold a golden star in my heart that shines brightly through all my days.

Flock of hats


Hats off to you!

Ann, Carol, Scott, Laura, Kristin, Clare



Peace, Beth


PS: See More boysenberry hats

New Fall Styles

I’ve been working hard on new fall styles and want to share but I have a tendency to get so bogged down in the blog posting, over thinking and getting overwhelmed by saying all the right things.

So today I’m going to try the direct approach.

Here are two of new fall styles I have made and just want to show them off  and to see what you think.

New for fall salmon baby jacket


New Fall Styles Jacket

This jacket is a lovely pinky salmony color with velour fleece on the face and a shearling finish on the inside. A contrasting red zipper and elasticized hood for ease of use and extra cozy fit. As always we use the amazing polartec® for this fleece baby jacket and it is wind blocking and water repellant as well. It would make a perfect baby shower gift, new baby gift or holiday gift. Very limited quantities. Sizes: 9 month, 12 month, 18 month, 24 month.


new for fall baby hatsNew Fall Styles Baby Hats

A pretty print on the crown and warm fleece ear and neck cover in a pinky salmon with velcro to attach under the chin so this fleece baby hat stays on. Mothers and fathers love this feature. Baby will be adorable and the hat will keep her head warm and cozy. If you are looking for unique baby gifts for the new or soon to be little bundle in your family, we think your search is over. Our handmade fleece baby hat is Vermont made with premium Polartec® polyester fleece – the same high-performance fabric in our entire fleece line. Plush, soft, lightweight and warm, carefully handmade with best quality Polartec® fleece and guaranteed to keep the newest heads warm and cozy. A truly unique baby gift.100% Polartec polyester fleece. Supplies limited.

Stay tuned!

Peace, Beth

PS: Coming soon: Adult versions of the velcro baby hat!


Swing Skirt

Swing Skirt: organic soy fiber french terry

A quick update today because I’m so excited about this new style that I had to share. As always you can click the link below and enjoy a song while you read!

Listen while you read: “It Don’t Mean a Thing (If It Ain’t Got That Swing)” Louis Armstrong & Duke Ellington

Organic French terry swing skirt is a great everyday skirt


Swing Skirt: organic french terry

Sometimes when I write these posts, I wonder how I my readers can believe that I can actually love so many of my own creations. But…this skirt if fabulous! Several years ago I stumbled upon this fabric, a blend of cotton, soy fiber and spandex, and loved the idea of it so much that I bought yardage sight unseen. The fabric is knit with soy fibers that are made from leftovers of from the production of soy food products, like tofu and oil. I mean how awesome is that? And what would make someone think of that?! For more info on soy fiber HERE

Every day is good day to wear French terry

I’ve been doing variations on swing skirt styles for years and this new one is a particular favorite.  The Spandex makes it extra comfortable and the 6-inch wide waistband can be folded down for a low-rise or left unfolded at the natural waist and it swishes when you walk, a feeling I that give me a certain amount of pleasure. 
This swing skirt is an easy care, easy wear, packable wrinkle free knit. So far these are available in 4 colors, (although the blue s already almost sold out), Dusky Blue, Eggplant, a warm Heather Grey and Black.
 This is truly a fabulous skirt that can be worn year round, because every day is good day to wear French terry.

Made in Vermont Made in USA

Stay Tuned

Peace, Beth

PS: New colors in the works as well as pants & dresses in the same fabrics


Simple Gifts

Simple Gifts

Simple Gifts – Mormon Tabernacle Choir  (click link to listen while you read)

I’m beginning to realize that I often get a great amount of pleasure from the smallest things. I hear myself saying “It doesn’t take much with me” and although this often is in response to something that has made me cry sometimes it’s a silly moment that causes laughter, or a bit of kindness from a stranger.

 The Perfectly Simple Gifts

Several years ago when my two girls were in elementary school I noticed that teachers on bus duty were not wearing hats. They would be standing outside shivering and complaining. I thought YEA! the perfectly simple gifts! There are only about 10 staff members at the elementary school so I decided to just make a fleece hat for each of them. I even did some detective work and found out what color winter coats they all wore. It was really a fun little project, the staff was thrilled and I felt like I got and passed a little joy around as well.

The other day it was a bitter cold but beautiful day in Vermont. We were all bundled up to the max and walking with our heads down. I was out doing errands and as I looked up when walking into the bank our fifth grade teacher was in just leaving. After we greeted each other and she left I realized I had a big grin on my face. I hadn’t said anything about it to her but I was so happy to see that she was wearing the teal fleece hat I had made for her that Christmas. I could have broken out in hysterical tears but there was a new teller-man at the counter so I restrained myself, although that grin stayed with me for a while.

Hold them in the light

So this holiday season I want to ask that we give a little extra every once in a while, it might come back to you 10 years later and be kind to your elementary school teachers, treat them with respect, and give them good gifts because they really do deserve it. Hold them in the light or say a prayer for them once in a while, they are building our future and need to every bright thought we can send them.


Fleece Hats: 7 Siblings

Also, my hats are pretty great; they are timeless and people wear them for a long time.
Lastly: Wishing the best holidays ever to all, the days are getting longer now so lets share the extra light all around.

Stay Tuned!

Peace, Beth

PS: Please take a look at the hats on the site while your here! See All Hats


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