Blue by Me

On this cold & raining Thursday, I offer a look at a Polartec® Windpro® wind proof  water repellent hat, perfect for a Vermont day in June where one has to crank up the furnace because it’s 55 degrees inside!

I recently resigned from the school board that my kids attend and I felt a bit like a quitter. Today I woke thinking of a rainy day card game we used to play as kids called Shanghai , my kids play a similar one called 7 Crowns, (actually 5 Crowns but I’m into Seven right now…). We played it a lot, mostly sisters Clare, Laura & Kristin and I. One day I think I was loosing multiple games and quit in the middle of a game, after which I took endless flack for being a quitter, (and I do mean endless because they still rib me about it from time to time).

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