Group of CrownsUnique Baby Gift: Fleece Royal Crown

A truly unique baby gift at a great price: $5 – $8

We think these fleece royal crowns will make the best and most unique baby gift ever because after all every baby should feel like royalty.  A warm fleece royal crown will not only be adorable but will keep a new baby’s so head warm and cozy.


We got a great deal on this fabric and are passing it on to you: Save $24 

Fleece leggings: 

Navy Fleece LeggingsThese are a simple style, with a slightly gathered elastic waist for a smooth, very comfortable and sleek fit. Warm and very cozy:

  • Extra Comfort with 4-way stretch
  • Machine wash & dry
  • Resists pilling, wash after wash.

Blog: Fleece pants five ways….Read More

Fleece Baby Blankets: polartec®Royal Blanket.JPG

All Fleece Baby Blankets: 25% off

Our fleece baby blankets are plush, soft, lightweight and warm. Easy care machine wash & dry. Resist pilling, wash after wash.

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